"Goddess Pele" was created specifically at Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, for the 2017 month long 'FIRE FESTIVAL' produced by Tigertail. The solo performance is an homage to the fierce Hawaiin goddess of fire Pele. The dance brings you into the dual nature of her spirit, mirroring the path of destruction and rebirth.




Total Runtime: 5 minutes

Choreography: Marissa Alma Nick

Total Performing Artists: 1



Made possible by Mary Luft and Tigertail Productions



Premiere: 2017

Photographer: Christin Paige Minnotte  l  © 2017 Alma Dance Theater


"Mira El Mar" is a piece that mirrors a meditation on  today's looming climate-change rising waters. The buttoh inspired dance takes the audience forward 75 years into Miami's future, where rising sea levels and climate change have transformed the city. In this site-adaptive performance, we see two women adapt to a new environment and struggle to survive their new home.


Total Runtime: 25 minutes

Choreography: Marissa Alma Nick

Total Performing Artists: 2

Made possible by Grass Stains created by the Pioneer Winter Collective

Premiere: 2016

Photographer: Pioneer Winter Collective  l  © 2017 Alma Dance Theater


"TRANSPOSITIONS: OVER MANY MILES" was created in response to the Paula Crown installation created specifically for 39th St. and NE 1st Ave in the Miami Design District. Paula's vision was to create a space for people (of all ages) to come together and play ; all the while she came up with this idea during a helicopter flight way up in the sky. So the audience-immersive dance was created to recreate the carefree feeling of flight and play. 


Total Runtime: 30 minutes

Choreography: Marissa Alma Nick

Musical Composer: Lofty 305

Total Performing Artists: 5

Made possible by the Miami Design District and Paula Crown

Premiere: 2014

Photographer: Marissa Alma Nick  l  © 2017 Alma Dance Theater