• Rebels redefine the iconic goddess, Venus, by celebrating unique individuality in each and every woman.

  • Rebels believe in embracing diversity when defining what it means to identify as a woman.

  • Rebels own their bodies and the right to express their sexuality, free of shame and fear of sexual assault.

  • Rebels do not apologize for their ideas or opinions.

  • Rebels believe that if someone says BITCH, they are describing a real down-to-earth woman.

  • Rebels believe that is someone says SLUT, they mean anyone who powerfully expresses their sexuality.

  • Rebels tell their stories of sexual assault in order to help continue to create a future free of rape-culture.

  • Rebels are learning how to heal from their own sexual traumas and take back their bodies.

  • Rebels are teaching the next generation how to recognize, respect and embrace their power.

REBEL IN VENUS redefines the iconic goddess, Venus, and inspires survivors to heal from their sexual traumas and reclaim their power.

REBEL IN VENUS is focused on healing and creating a safe space for survivors to share their stories, allowing the process to be used as a tool to reconcile with their own bodies.

REBEL IN VENUS helps to fight for the elimination of rape- culture in our society, as well as help to propel the #metoo movement and create a healing community for survivors.

REBEL IN VENUS: THE LIVE SHOW an immersive and erotic dance-opera that tells the survival stories of nine millennials, and follows their journey as they reconcile with their past.

REBEL IN VENUS: SUMMER RETREAT a weekend long retreat that creates a safe space for survivors of sexual assault, and teaches them unique and innovative healing tools.


REBEL IN VENUS: THE LIVE SHOW is an erotic dance-opera that shines a light on the powerful voice of the millennial generation, and their response to the current #metoo and #timesup movements. The show is an uncensored conversation amongst young women about sex, selfies, periods and patriarchy. This dynamic and playful performance enumerates dehumanizing sexual censorships in America today, through the lens of sex-positive feminism ; and attempts to redefine the iconic goddess figure known as Venus. REBEL IN VENUS: THE LIVE SHOW is created by choreographer Marissa-Alma Nick, with an original soundtrack by composer Hope Littwin and a compelling cast of nine powerhouse performers. 


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The REBEL IN VENUS: SUMMER RETREAT  is five day's of curated safe spaces, created with the intention to stimulate growth, promote healing, reconcile with past sexual traumas and grow a lifelong community of survivors. The retreat is meant to be both medicinal and fun, ensuring the participants a fulfilling week of healing, new found strength and friendships. The REBEL IN VENUS: SUMMER RETREAT will reconnect participants with their own bodies, guide them toward reclaiming their sexual power, and teach it’s participants how to bring an end to rape-culture and toxic masculinity in their own community.