Do you like sex? Are you healing from a trauma? Are you looking to learn the art of striptease? 

We have all of that and more for you...


REBEL IN VENUS, Healing Bodies Workshop Series, is a series of classes designed to reconnect you with your body and reclaim your power. This workshop series is created for everyone, no matter your gender or sexual identity, just please feel free... to feel free.

Each workshop is taught by Marissa Alma Nick, creator of REBEL IN VENUS, and will include two special drop-in guest specialists. Please note that this series is NOT designed especially for dancers, we stress that this workshop is for everyone. However, some parts of the workshop will introduce basic movement as a tool, so we encourage you to bring comfy clothes. Any class that requires you to bring something specific will be listed in the class description below, so please do read carefully. Lastly, this series if for ages 18+ as we will be discussing sensitive material. Also, DAY 1 includes an evening activity: of attending a Strip-Club, please note you are not required to attend this activity, it is simply encouraged... as it will be a part of our discussion portion of the workshop series.



1036 N Miami Ave

Saturday + Sunday

January 18, 2020

January 19, 2020


Downtown Orlando

Saturday + Sunday

February 22, 2020

February 23, 2020



Saturday + Sunday

March 28, 2020

March 29, 2020



10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Workshops: Body-Love, Sexual Traumas, Lap Dances

* Lunch will be provided

9:30 PM 

Cocktails + Stripclub

* Uber/Lyft suggested


11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Workshops: Ending Rape-Culture, Sex + Boundaries, Stripteasing

* Lunch will be provided

5:00 PM 

Goodbye's + Wine

* Wine will be provided

$90 - per day

$160 - two days


Please note that Alma Dance Theater operates as a non-profit organization. Therefore, to raise the funds needed for the continued efforts of REBEL IN VENUS, the cost for entry to each class has a fee to attend the REBEL IN VENUS workshop series. However, this series was created especially for survivors. And so, if you are in need of this series and you are unable to afford the cost... please take a moment to fill out a form below, so that we can help you attend and support your healing. 





Some of us have been taught shame when it comes to our bodies, and this class is about discussing where that shame comes from, overcoming it and ways in which you can learn to love your body...shame-free. We will cover a brief history in the evolution of western societies relationship to the body, as well as discussing different cultural relationships to the body. Then we will move into learning simple physical tools designed to help you learn to love your body, and walk through this world without ever apologizing for it.


For this class you will need: 

  • Hand-Mirror 

       (size doesn’t matter, as long as it’s easy for you to bring)

  • Blanket

       (any blanket you like that makes you feel warm & comfortable)



This class is a continuation of the Body-Love class, however you CAN attend this class, even if you were not in attendance. 


Lap-dances are for everyone! They feel good getting them, and they feel real good giving them. This class is designed for you to learn how to give a lap-dance with total confidence. It will teach how to move your body sexually, without feeling any shame about it, and get you in touch with your own sensual nature. In this class you will learn some basic lap-dance techniques, as well as discussing what it is, about giving them, that we love so much. And don’t worry, in this class you will also learn how to receive a lap-dance without any fear too! 


For this class you will need:

  • Water

  • Knee Pads

       (if you don’t have knee pads, where long pants and you’ll be fine!)

  • High-Heels 

       (totally optional!)


Most of us, no matter who we are, have some sort of sexual-trauma. For some it’s fairly benign and life goes on… and for others it's so catastrophic it changes their entire world. This class addresses both possibilities and how they can affect us. We will discuss how these traumas can continue to play out in our lives, when we haven’t yet healed from them. You will also learn some optional written and physical tools to help recover from sexual-trauma. You will also learn possible steps to take, if you are still deciding how, and when, to share your own story of survival. We will also discuss the benefits of sharing, while reinforcing support to those, who are not yet ready to share. Please note: this class is for anyone healing from a sexual-trauma, and anyone who is supporting someone that is healing from one. 


For this class, you do not need to bring anything. 


Ending Rape-Culture:

This class is a continuation of the Sexual-Trauma class, however you CAN attend this class, even if you were not in attendance. 


Post the start of the #metoo movement we can finally see a tomorrow without rape-culture. But it’s up to us to make sure that it happens. This class addresses rape-culture throughout the world, with a focus in understanding its affect on western culture. We will also learn various tools to help us problem-solve overcoming rape-culture, and learning how to end it in our own communities. This class will also teach you to see how you have fallen victim, or contributed, to rape-culture... allowing you to learn how to make a truly emboldened change in our society.  


For this class, you do not need to bring anything. 


Sexuality + Boundaries:

This class is a continuation of the Ending Rape-Culture class, however you CAN attend this class, even if you were not in attendance. 


This class is about sex, who we like to have it with and how we like to do it… and we discusses it all in a completely shame-free environment. You will learn how to talk about sex without embarrassment, and learn how to identify you own boundaries... as well as learning ways in how you can express them. We will discuss the ways in which various communities express their sexuality, and learn about new ways you may want to explore yourself... or simply learn how to not pass judgement or express sexual shame to others. 


For this class, you do not need to bring anything. 


Stripteasing is not about the other person, it is all about you! This class teaches you the art of the striptease, and how to feel like you are the one in control. You will learn how to feel powerful in your own skin, because stripteasing is not about being vulnerable, it’s about you finding your power and owning your body. You will not be getting fully-nude in this class, however you will learn how to be completely naked, express your sensuality and feel totally shame free and empowered!


For this class you will need:

  • Water

  • Knee Pads

       (if you don’t have knee pads, where long pants and you’ll be fine!)

  • High-Heels 

       (totally optional!)

  • Striptease Outfit

       (totally optional!)